Having troubles with mod_php and expat

Pavneet Arora pavneet.arora at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 14:20:07 PDT 2005

Thanks to Clement for getting me on the right track.  I feel foolish,
but that isn't uncommon ;).  It just takes that one bit of insight,
doesn't it?  The problem *really is* with the sugarcrm port.  It should
have a dependency listed for php4-xml, which it currently does not:

     A web based customer relationship management suite
     Maintained by: nick at foobar.org
     Also listed in: www
     Requires: apache-1.3.33_2, expat-1.95.8_3, fontconfig-2.2.3,1,
freetype2-2.1.10_1, jpeg-6b_3, mysql-client-4.1.14, perl-5.8.7,
php4-4.4.0, php4-gd-4.4.0, php4-mysql-4.4.0, php4-pcre-4.4.0,
php4-session-4.4.0, pkgconfig-0.17.2, png-1.2.8_2, t1lib-5.1.0,1,

I have forwarded the request to Nick Hilliard so I hope that it should
be corrected shortly and help avoid this pain for the next person.

Many thanks for your assistance.


Clement Laforet wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 08:10:03AM -0400, Pavneet Arora wrote:
> Hi,
>>Forgive me for this naive problem, but I have been scouring the archives 
>>and the net for some resonance that may point to a solution without success:
>>I recently upgraded my FreeBSD 5.1 system to a FreeBSD 5.4 system. 
>>Along the way I used the port system to upgrade Perl (5.8.7), mod_perl 
>>(mod_perl2-2.0.1,2), PHP (4.4.0), mod_php (mod_php4-4.4.0,1), Apache 
>>(apache-2.0.54_4), expat (1.95.8_3), etc.
>>Both Perl and PHP are loaded in httpd.conf as modules
>>All of this was an effort to install the SugarCRM port, but this is 
>>The problem is quite simple...
>>From php, I am unable to access any of the XML functions.  So the 
>>following script:
>><head><title>php test</title></head>
>><?phpinfo() ?>
>>if (function_exists('xml_parser_create')) {
>>        echo '<b>OK</b>';
>>else {
>>        echo '<b>Not Available</b>';
>>Yields "Not Available".  I only offer this snippet since this is the 
>>test that SugarCRM tries on install and fails on.
>>Your guidance would be gratefully accepted.
> did you install textproc/php4-xml entension?
> clem

- Pavneet Arora

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