2.0 -> 2.2

Mathieu Arnold mat at FreeBSD.org
Sun Sep 5 00:20:59 PDT 2004

+-le 05/09/2004 00:02 -0600, Paul Querna écrivait :
| I don't believe any plans are 100% set in stone yet, but many of the
| committers(including me) from Apache would like to make a new stable 2.2
| branch this fall. (Likely during ApacheCon, November 13-17).
| This release has lots of cool new features (And, I don't want to write a
| summary document right now...), but my main question is for the FreeBSD
| Ports, will you shift the main Apache2 port to the 2.2 branch, or will
| you create a separate httpd-2.2 port?
| I don't want to even imply switching over on the 2.2.0 release day, but
| what is the general plan for FreeBSD?

If apache 2.2 is a stable release, I think that apache2 will be copied to
apache20 so that people can use it still, and apache2 will be updated to the
2.2 branch.

Mathieu Arnold
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