BSD Christmas

Patryk Zadarnowski pat at
Sun Nov 17 22:41:38 PST 2002

We have received a lot of enquires from people wondering
if we can still deliver our BSD Daemon Statuettes (see: for photos) in time
for Christmas. Yes, all orders placed in November should
arrive in time.

In the Christmas gift-giving spirit, and to encourage people
to get their orders in early, we will include a surprise
(a freebie) with every Beastie ordered until the end of
November. I cannot reveal what the surprise is, but I can
tell you that it's BSD, is made from sterling silver,
has been VERY frequently requested by people in the past,
and is NOT in our catalogue. We've been working on this
new design for over a year, and it's finally available in
this very limited run. The surprise is worth around US$25.

The BSD Daemon Statuette is available from the Beastie
home page at Linux Jewellery/BSD Souvenirs:

As a reminder, please remember that we can only guarantee
delivery by Christmas for orders placed in November. After
that, international delivery delays may cause your Beastie
to be delayed until January.


Patryk Zadarnowski
Silicon Breeze Pty Limited

tel. +61 418 261 203
fax. +61 2 94400396
Sydney, Australia

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