PDF subscriptions to BSD print magazine

Gregory Sutter gsutter at daemonnews.org
Sat Nov 16 16:52:26 PST 2002

Daemon News is pleased to announce PDF subscriptions to our
BSD print magazine!

The PDF version of each magazine is identical to the print version,
except of course that it's in electronic format.  PDF subscribers are
emailed download instructions each time a new issue is released; the
first issue of a subscription is available for immediate download at
the time of purchase.  This allows us to remove all postal mailing
costs from the subscription price.

Subscribe and get your PDF issues as they're released:

If you want the magazine in hardcopy format, mailed to you as it
is released, subscribe instead to the paper edition:

Our magazines are also available for individual purchase in both
paper and PDF formats:

Finally, if you want more information on any magazine issue, or on
the status of future issues, you can look at our magazine pages:

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