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Nik Clayton nik at
Fri Oct 19 22:50:18 PDT 2001

Hi folks,

In response to comments from attendees and potential attendees we've got a few
announcements to make about BSDCon Europe.

But first, a quick aside.  It might not be apparent from the professionalism
and organisation apparent on the web site, but this conference is a community 
driven event.  Myself and the other organisers have done, and continue to, 
contribute heavily to the BSD projects (check the commit logs).  We're not 
running the conference to make money, nor are we being paid to organise 
this.  BSDCon Europe is a grass-roots effort to bring the community of 
European BSD developers and users together for three days of tutorials, 
presentations, and, we hope, fun.

Anyway, on with the announcements.


The schedule is now virtually complete, and online at

If your favourite technology is not covered then consider giving a talk about
it.  We can probably manage to squeeze in one or two more 30 or 45 minute
talks, and there are a few more 5 to 15 minute "Work In Progress" slots to
fill as well.


A number of people have asked about the VAT for the conference, particularly
for people coming from countries other than the UK.  We've checked with the
relevant tax authorities, and because the conference is a service that's
provided wholly within the UK we have to charge VAT.

One and two day bookings

We didn't expect it, but so many people have said that they can only attend
for one or two of the three days that we now have a daily rate.  If you want
to attend for one day it costs GBP 60.  Two days costs GBP 120.

Student rate

We've bitten the bullet, said "to hell with bankruptcy", and decided on a
student rate.  GBP 25 for one day.  GBP 50 for two days, and GBP 75 for the
full three days.

In order to be eligible for the student rate you must be able to provide us
with some proof of your student status (a letter on headed paper from your
educational institute will do fine).

Other payment methods

If you would like to pay by a method other than credit card (cheque, money
orders, and so on), or are a business that needs to raise a purchase order,
you can now download a PDF order form, fill it out, and fax or post it to us.
The form is at

Sponsorship and exhibiting

Options for sponsoring the conference still exist.  If you'd like to get your
corporate name in front of a few hundred BSD developers and administrators, or
exhibit your products, then see these links for more details.

We look forward to seeing you at BSDCon Europe.

FreeBSD: The Power to Serve   
FreeBSD Documentation Project 

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