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Chris Coleman chrisc at
Thu Oct 11 16:10:44 PDT 2001

As many of you are already aware, Wind River has indicated that they are
no longer interested in producing FreeBSD CD sets.  To quote them from a
slashdot interview, "Future FreeBSD releases will probably not be produced
or distributed by Wind River."

In answer to this, Daemon News is taking on the responsibility of
producing, supporting, and promoting FreeBSD.  Starting with the release
of FreeBSD 4.5 we will be producing the official 4 CD sets made from the
official FreeBSD project ISOs.  We will work to put FreeBSD boxed sets in
stores and into the hands of our international distributors.

Daemon News is fully comitted to the BSD community and has been for three
years.  We have plans to put the revenue from FreeBSD CD sales back into
the FreeBSD project much the same way that Walnut Creek did, by paying
developers to code and promoting FreeBSD at trade shows.  We already have
a booth and plans to be at several major conferences.

We are also providing a subscription service to FreeBSD CD sets much like
Walnut Creek did.  If you are a current subscriber of a WC/BSDi/WRS
FreeBSD subscription, you will need to transfer it to Daemon News.  
(We have no affiliation with Wind River.)

Wind River has announced that subscriptions for FreeBSD 4.4 are being
shipped out, so you will need to order a "Next Release" subscription from
Daemon News to receive FreeBSD 4.5 when it comes out.

You can order current and next release subscriptions here:

The number of subscriptions we receive will directly affect how much we
are able to devote to the FreeBSD project.  So join Daemon News in our
committment to BSD and transfer your subscription.

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