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Subject: FreeBSD Core Team statement on Wind River acquisition
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The FreeBSD Core Team welcomes the attention that the press has given
to Wind River Systems' acquisition of the software assets of Berkeley
Software Design Inc.  The FreeBSD project looks forward to a long and
fruitful collaboration with Wind River Systems.

Unfortunately, a couple of points in some reports are inaccurate or
misleading.  The FreeBSD Core Team would like to clarify:

  Wind River Systems has generously agreed to sponsor the FreeBSD
  Project, as Berkeley Software Design had previously done, but it has
  not ``acquired'' the project nor the operating system.  FreeBSD is a
  free software (``open source'') project, which by its nature cannot
  be ``acquired''.  The direction of the FreeBSD project is determined
  only by its developers.

  This correction relates only to certain incorrect reports, and is by
  no means a reflection on Wind River Systems' intentions or the
  relationship between Wind River Systems and the FreeBSD project.

  In addition, some reports speak of ``Jason Hubbard''.  The correct
  name is Jordan Hubbard.

The FreeBSD Core Team:

  Satoshi Asami
  David Greenman
  Jordan K. Hubbard
  Greg Lehey
  Warner Losh
  Doug Rabson
  Mike Smith
  Robert Watson
  Peter Wemm

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