Wind River acquires software assets of BSDi

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Wed Apr 4 15:16:50 PDT 2001

Dear members of the FreeBSD community,

It was announced today that Wind River has acquired the commercial
BSD/OS software assets from BSDi. As part of the agreement, Wind River
will also now be working with the FreeBSD Project to provide the same
type of support to the open source community that BSDi has sought to
provide. I have joined Wind River as principal technologist for
FreeBSD and will continue with the development and promotion of
FreeBSD, as well as acting as the release engineer for Wind River's
FreeBSD product line (see below). It is my hope that Wind River's
engineering expertise and other resources will bring invaluable
contributions to the Project. You can read the press release posted on
the Wind River home page,

It is Wind River's commitment to provide operational and technical
support, marketing, and funding for FreeBSD, and to continue to
distribute the software commercially as well as free of charge through Technical innovations in the commercial BSD/OS will
continue to be donated to the FreeBSD project and used in developing
new products for FreeBSD. Through these efforts, it is my mission to
foster a relationship between Wind River and the FreeBSD Project,
which is extremely beneficial to both parties.

Jerry Fiddler, chairman and co-founder of Wind River and I will be
conducting a conference call this evening in order to answer any of
your questions or concerns. Please dial-in to talk to us live about
this announcement. Space is limited to 300 callers; you can also find
answers to general questions in an FAQ document at

7:30pm, PST on Wednesday April 4, 2001
US/Canada Dial-in Number: (800) 863-4938
International: (706) 634-7025
Leader's Name: Jerry Fiddler

For more information you can contact:
Pam Sufi
Public Relations Manager, Wind River
510.749.2340 -office
pams at

I look forward to your questions and comments. 


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