3.3-19990905-RC (release candidate) now on ftp.freebsd.org!

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at zippy.cdrom.com
Mon Sep 6 17:24:12 PDT 1999

As the subject says, the 3.3 release candidate build is now up on
ftp.freebsd.org for testing.  This is NOT the full 3.3-RELEASE, of
course, this is the release *candidate* and is subject to change at
any time if and as people discover problems with it.

If it changes then you'll know, of course, since the date will change,
but this is really all I plan on releasing on ftp.freebsd.org until
3.3-RELEASE unless people really find something really egregious with
the candidate.  For daily snapshots of the 3.3-RC branch, there's
still ftp://releng3.freebsd.org if people are interested in getting
each and every fix to the branch on a day to day basis.

I've also gone a bit further than usual with this release in that I'm
making ISO images for the first 2 CDs available in:


Please test these as well (if you have the bandwidth and a burner)
since we'll then get to see if there are any CDROM-specific
installation problems in advance for a change.  I would prefer not to
repeat the 3.2 fixit CD fiasco! :-) CDs 3 and 4 contain only packages
and aren't really worth the bandwidth to upload them so I'll just test
those here.

We have 10 full days of testing left, so let's try and make
3.3-RELEASE the best one yet!  Any problem reports directly to me
please, thanks!

- Jordan

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