CompUSA now selling FreeBSD "Powerpak" at very low price.

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Sun Sep 5 16:49:09 PDT 1999

I'm not sure if this is confined to just the CompUSAs here in the San
Francisco Bay Area, but I recently saw the Powerpak (latest edition of
The Complete FreeBSD, the 6 CD FreeBSD toolkit and the 4 CD FreeBSD
3.2 CD) for what looks to be an introductory price of $49.95.

I have no idea how they're managing to sell it that cheaply myself,
but take advantage of this while it lasts!  I seriously doubt that
this is more than an introductory offer and I'd expect future editions
of the Powerpak to go for more than this since their focus more
recently seems to be to try and sell things with a higher margin than
SUSE's $19.95 product, etc. (shelf space is an expensive commodity in
the retail trade).

Anyway, just FYI.  If people see it in other non-Calfornia CompUSAs
for the $49.95 price, I'd also appreciate knowing about it so I can
find out just how widely this offer is being made!


- Jordan

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