FreeBSD Real-Quick NewsLetter February 1999

Chris Coleman chrisc at
Sat Mar 27 11:27:47 PST 1999

This is issue never made it to this list, so i am posting it late, since I
now have access to post to this list.

		 FreeBSD Real-Quick(TM) NewsLetter.
		    Things Happening in FreeBSD.
			Volume #2 Issue #2
	   	   	   February 1999

Release Information:
  FreeBSD 3.1 is available from Walnut Creek CDROM
  FreeBSD 4.0 is now the Development Version with no release scheduled.

FreeBSD in the News:

FreeBSD Advocacy:
   Gateway Computers is entertaining the idea of shipping FreeBSD with 
   some of it's servers.  If you would like to purchase a Gateway with 
   FreeBSD on it, contact:
  	    Fritz Fitzgibbons 
		fitzgfri at
		1.877.803.1947  (Toll Free)
   Tell him Chris Coleman sent you.

Daemon News:
  News articles can now be sent to news at
  We are soliciting articles about:
    BSD licensing issues (GPL vs Artistic vs BSD)
    Security/Intrusion Detection
    Crash Recovery / Core Dump Analysis
    BSD the Early Years.
 If you are interested in writing any of these contact:
    editors at or send articles to : 
    article at
  FreeBSD client for netware beta is out

OS resources:
  The Operating System resource web page

  CVSup 16.0 is now available:

FreeBSD System Administration Manager Version 1.6

This is an (at least) monthly Newsletter, published only by E-mail.  
  Archived copies can be found at:

  If you have anything you would like to see in the next edition,
  please send e-mail to fbsd-book at

	-Chris Coleman <chrisc at>

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