Announce: FreeBSD JDK1.1.7 with ELF support

Nate Williams nate at
Fri Mar 26 08:14:05 PST 1999

For all of your FreeBSD-JDK information, see:

Thanks to Steve Price, we now have a version of JDK1.1.7 that supports
the 3.X/4.X users natively.

The ELF releases requires an updated real-time loader which has
additional functionality added on 1999/3/24.  The JDK/JRE releases will
*NOT* work without the updated loader and will crash right away.

An updated '' binary is provided on the WWW page, along with
installation instructions for those users who are not tracking -stable
or -current.  Please don't send email to the list stating that the
release is built unless you know for sure that you are using the updated
********END NOTE*********

The new release also fixes a couple of minor bugs, including the
infamous 'broken appletviewer' bug as well as some fixes for windows
always placing themselves in the upper-left corner, so older FreeBSD
2.2.X users will probably be interested in upgrading.

JDK2 status:
   JDK2 porting has just begun.  We are quite a ways from having a
finished product, and we are hoping the Linux JDK2 diffs will be
released soon which should help us greatly.  Please don't pester the
porting team on when it will be done, because we don't know yet, and
we're nowhere close to being done.  A good guess for when it will be
done would be early-late Summer.


	- The FreeBSD JDK team

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