HEADS UP: upgrade kits for ports-current

Satoshi Asami asami at freebsd.org
Thu Mar 11 18:37:56 PST 1999

(I posted this yesterday but didn't see it show up, let me try from my
 freebsd.org address.)


(This is not a real "heads up" for something that happened recently but
 about a misconception that has been plaguing us for the last few years.)

If you intend to use ports-current with anything other than the latest
3.1-stable or 4.0-current, please get the appropriate "upgrade kit"


before you send us a complaint saying "the new ports don't work with
my 3.1R system!".  It's not supposed to. :)

If you installed 3.1R, or any other release, you got ports and
packages with it; that's what we made to work on your system.  For
anything else, we can't guarantee that they will work.

Ports and the source trees evolve together; just like you can't cvsup
only part of the source tree and expect to be able to always build
that utility, you can't cvsup part of the ports tree or even the
entire ports tree and expect it to work unless the world is updated at
the same time.

This is just a simple fact of life around here, and has a lot to do
with the available human processing power that we have and the amount
of work we need to do.  Unless you all want the ports tree to stop
moving at all and have us release a 3.2R and 3.3R with the exact same
set of ports and packages as 3.1R, we can't do it any other way.

However, since there are lots of people who want to run ports-current
without having to "make world" all the time, I have provided "upgrade
kits" that will patch the minimal number of utilities so you can get
most of them to work.  Please read the above URL and follow the

Thanks. :)


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