3.4-RELEASE ISO image now available.

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at zippy.cdrom.com
Tue Dec 21 18:23:42 PST 1999

Apologies to those who went to ftp.freebsd.org and found the
3.4-RELEASE ISO image to be unreadable.  A problem with the
packages/All/INDEX file was found on the first image and this was bad
enough to require regeneration and re-transferring of the image to
ftp.freebsd.org.  The old image, having already been transferred over,
simply never had its read bit set since that's something I only do
once I'm totally sure the image is correct (it's hard on the mirror
sites otherwise).  This is not an issue for those installing 3.4 via
FTP since the packages directory in that case is a symlink to a
collection without this problem.

In any case, the new image is there and ready for download.  I've also
fixed the first item in the 3.4 ERRATA (custom install problem) and
put new installation boot floppies in 3.4-RELEASE/floppies/updates/ on
ftp.freebsd.org, where they should be mirrored shortly.  The ISO image
still has this problem since it was not deemed serious enough to
justify re-rolling the entire ISO image - see the ERRATA for fuller

I'd also like to note that 3.4 looks like a pretty good release
otherwise and I hope that nobody takes this easily-avoided (and now
fixed) installation bogon as indicative of any lack of quality in the
work that other people have done to bring you this release.  As the
release notes show, there's quite a bit of really good work which has
gone into 3.4 and I beg your forbearance for our little pre-Christmas
rush to get it out on time.

Regards (and happy holidays),

- Jordan

P.S. Yes I KNOW the current millennium ends on Dec 31, 2000 and not
     this year.  A million math-aware individuals could not, however,
     stand against the inspirational might of those three little
     zeros and we all know it, so just consider yourselves outnumbered
     and give up, OK? :-)

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