2.2.6 CDs are now shipping from Walnut Creek CDROM

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at time.cdrom.com
Thu Apr 16 17:45:20 PDT 1998

The new 4 CD set of FreeBSD 2.2.6 is now in stock and should start
shipping to subscription and back-order customers tomorrow.

More information on the CD contents are available from
http://www.cdrom.com so I won't repeat all that information here
except to say that the price is the same as usual, $39.95 a CD set or
$24.95 by subscription.

This new 4 CD set contains a lot of extra goodies such as the complete
unpacked CVS repository, a live file system with full sources (for both
FreeBSD and XFree86), a snapshot of www.freebsd.org, complete ports
and packages (over 1300) - you name it and it's probably there!

Walnut Creek CDROM has also brought back the popular 4 color FreeBSD
T-shirt with Tatsumi Hosokawa's artwork and now has it in stock, along
with the new embroidered FreeBSD polo shirt.  Please see the
www.cdrom.com site for full details.

Finally, lest this fact not already be more than clear to everyone by
now, I should probably note here publically that a good deal of the
profits from these CD sales *are* indeed reinvested back into the
FreeBSD project, a level of support which is only due to increase as
the company throws more of its weight behind the increasingly
successful (now #1!) FreeBSD CD product.  While it is true that the
Walnut Creek CDROM product is more expensive than some of the
alternatives, it's also the most complete set of release bits
available on CD and its sales allow myself and several other
well-known FreeBSD folks to devote ourselves to doing FreeBSD
full-time.  Walnut Creek CDROM also donates thousands of FreeBSD CDs
every year to schools, journalists and commercial software vendors in
an effort to promote FreeBSD and this is a very valuable service to
the project.

To put it succinctly, please help support our continuing efforts by
buying a CD from Walnut Creek CDROM or one of its distributors!


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