Three new mailing lists (advocacy, mozilla, and tokenring)

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Wed Apr 15 17:47:18 PDT 1998

	We have created three new mailing lists for FreeBSD.

	To subscribe send mail to majordomo at
	A one-line email message is enough:

		subscribe FreeBSD-<listname>

	(replace <listname> with one of the three lists shown below.)

	You will receive a confirmation request email.
	Follow the instructions in the confirmation request email.

	Please do *not* send subscription requests to
	the lists--send them to majordomo at

	To send mail to the list, you can use either the 
	complete list name for the shortcut.

	Full List Name:			Shortcut:
	FreeBSD-mozilla at	mozilla at
	FreeBSD-advocacy at	advocacy at
	FreeBSD-tokenring at	tokenring at

	You can not subscribe to the "shortcut".
	This is a change in how we are managing the mailing lists.

FREEBSD-MOZILLA         	        Support for Mozilla Browser
This is a forum for discussions related using the freely available
source code version of the Mozilla, the Netscape Browser.

FREEBSD-ADVOCACY                        Furthering the Use of FreeBSD
Share ideas and plan to increase the number of companies and 
individuals using FreeBSD

FREEBSD-TOKENRING                       Bring TokenRing to FreeBSD
This is a forum for technical discussions related to adding tokenring
drivers to FreeBSD.  

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