3.0-970114-SNAP is now available from ftp.freebsd.org

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at time.cdrom.com
Tue Jan 14 21:02:34 PST 1997

This is a short-term snapshot, and won't be released on CDROM (though
it will be available on the FTPs site until the next "real" snapshot
is available).

This snapshot is intended primarily as a quick "sanity check" of
3.0-current and as a starting point resource for the SMP developers;
there are no truly significant differences between -current and
RELENG_2_2 at this time (hence the short term nature of this snapshot;
just as soon as something truly significant happens in 3.0, another
snapshot will be done to replace this one).

To get it:


contains all the usual bits.

Also please note that the release documentation was NOT updated for
this SNAP.  Docs on the boot floppy will still reference "2.2 BETA"
but everything is actually 3.0-current (and the uname command returns
the right thing).


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