Who wants code development & validation tools for FreeBSD?

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at time.cdrom.com
Tue Jan 14 15:40:30 PST 1997

Have you ever wanted a tool like "Purify" for FreeBSD but never dared
to hope that some company might make a product like it available?

Well, we were recently approached at USENIX by ParaSoft, Inc., a
company which makes a Purify-like product called "Insure++" (so called
because it handles both C and C++ code), and they indicated a strong
interest in doing a FreeBSD version if a market could be shown to
exist for it.  They already provide products for Linux and BSD/OS, and
if we want them to do a FreeBSD version then we now just need to LET

In order to facilitate that process, Parasoft has even been kind
enough to set up a special web page at:


If you're interested in the idea of buying Insure++ or CodeWizard, and
there's even a place to signify how much you'd be willing to pay for
them meaning you should *definitely* fill out the survey if you'd like
to have some effect on the purchase price as well as the availability
of of these products, please take a few minutes to visit this page and
fill out the survey.  Information on both products is also provided

People often complain about the lack of commercial software for
FreeBSD, well, now here's your chance to personally do something about

It's also hard for me to overstate the importance of attracting
commercial software vendors to FreeBSD.  It's a little bit like
choosing a restaurant you've never been to before: If you see a lot of
people inside already eating then you're far more inclined to go in
and join them.  If the restaurant is empty, then you figure that
something must be wrong with the food (even though it may be
excellent) and you stay away.  Please don't let that happen to
FreeBSD; fill out ParaSoft's survey!  :-)

If you know any FreeBSD users who don't read the mailing lists or
newsgroups and are interested in commercial development tools, please
forward them the URL and help spread the word.



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