Test 2.2.5-RELEASE mirror site

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Mon Dec 29 19:26:16 PST 1997

I have setup a small 2.2.5-RELEASE mirror site on my own computer (running
2.2.5-STABLE of course ;).  This machine has a 10Mbit connection to a T3
internet connection.

For the immediate future this is only a test server to determine how much
my resources can hold.

I have a complete mirror of the 2.2.5-RELEASE directory from
ftp.freebsd.org, minus files from the packages directory that were not in
the INDEX file.  I have also placed the X331src-1.tgz and X331contrib.tgz
files into the XF86331 hierarchy so that the source distributions from
XFree86 work.

Access is by the following methods:

(FTP) ftp://phoenix.its.rpi.edu/pub/FreeBSD
(NFS) phoenix.its.rpi.edu:/home/ftp/pub/FreeBSD/2.2.5-RELEASE

I also have made an ISO image of the archive available for those who want
to burn their own CD.
(FTP) ftp://pheonix.its.rpi.edu/pub/FreeBSD/2.2.5-RELEASE.iso

If anyone has any problems with this, please email dec at phoenix.its.rpi.edu

David Cross
dec at phoenix.its.rpi.edu

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