New Mailing List: FreeBSD-Sparc

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Sun Dec 14 08:16:48 PST 1997

	We have a new mailing list:  FreeBSD-Sparc.

	FreeBSD-Sparc is for technical discussions on porting
	FreeBSD to to the Sparc processor.  Subscription is open
	to all.  Send mail to majordomo at with the body
	"subscribe freebsd-sparc".  you will receive a subsciption
	confirmation request message.  Follow the instruction in
	the confirmation request message, and you will be added to
	the list.

	The list will be available as a digest: FreeBSD-Sparc-digest.
	FreeBSD-Sparc-digest has the same subsrciption policy as
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