Host ATM Research Platform (HARP 2.1)

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Wed Aug 27 08:32:48 PDT 1997

The Advanced Networking Group at Network Computing Services, Inc,
(formerly the Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc.), is pleased to announce
the availability of the latest release of its Host ATM Research Platform
(HARP 2.1) software.  HARP 2.1 includes fixes that were developed in
response to the early field experience with HARP 2.

The HARP 2.1 software implements the IETF Classical IP model for using IP
over ATM networks, including:

   o IETF ATMARP address resolution client
   o IETF ATMARP address resolution server
   o UNI 3.0 signalling protocol
   o FORE Systems' SPANS signalling protocol

HARP 2.1 supports the following:

   o Hosts and Operating Systems
	- SunOS 4.1.x for SPARC (sun4c, sun4m) workstations
	- FreeBSD 2.1.5 (and higher), FreeBSD 2.2.x

   o ATM Host Interfaces
	- FORE Systems, Inc. SBA-200 and SBA-200E ATM SBus Adapters
	- FORE Systems, Inc. PCA-200E ATM PCI Adapters
	- Efficient Networks, Inc. ENI-155p ATM PCI Adapters

   o ATM Signalling Protocols
	- Permanent Virtual Channels (PVCs)
	- The ATM Forum UNI 3.0 signalling protocol (SVCs)
	- FORE Systems' proprietary SPANS signalling protocol (SVCs)

A copy of the HARP 2.1 software may be downloaded from:

Groups which are using HARP 2 will most likely want to upgrade to HARP 2.1.
Note that until very recently, our main MAGIC Web pages pointed to HARP 1;
anyone who downloaded HARP 1 should upgrade to HARP 2.1.

HARP 2.1 is available free of charge for non-commercial purposes.

The HARP software was developed as part of MSCI's work on the 
DARPA-sponsored MAGIC Gigabit Testbed.  It is being developed to
provide a high-quality platform for IP/ATM research.

Tim Salo, John Cavanaugh, Mike Spengler and Joe Thomas
ang at

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