CTM-synchronized CVSup mirror is now in service

John Polstra jdp at polstra.com
Sun Aug 17 13:47:59 PDT 1997

I am pleased to announce a new CVSup site "ctm.FreeBSD.org" that
is especially suited for CTM users.  Many thanks to Sascha Blank
<blank at fox.uni-trier.de> for setting this up and maintaining it!

Attached is Sascha's own description of the new site.
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I ask you to announce my CVSup server on ftp.uni-trier.de (now aka
"ctm.freebsd.org"). It is running now for about six weeks so I am quite
sure that it is ready for public service.

My CVSup site is in so far different from the other sites as its
repository is solemnly updated by the incoming CTM cvs-all deltas
(ftp.uni-trier.de is a CTM fallback repository as well, so that's no
problem for me). Because of this you can (only) get all distributions
and releases from the categories "FreeBSD.cvs", "FreeBSD-crypto.cvs" and

As I use the CTM "cvs-cur" deltas to update my source repository the
entire tree is always a snapshot of the latest "cvs-cur" CTM tree. That
means if you cvsup "cvs-all" with release=cvs from my site you get a
version of the repository (including the inevitable ".ctm_status" file)
which is suitable for being updated using the CTM "cvs-cur" deltas. This
allows users who track the entire "cvs-all" tree to go from CVSup to CTM
without having to rebuild their repository from scratch using a fresh
CTM base delta.

Please note that this special feature only works for the "cvs-all"
distribution and "cvs" as the release tag. CVSupping any other
distribution and/or release will get you the specified distribution but
that one will not be suitable for CTM updating.

Besides of that feature you can use my CVSup server like any other CVSup

Another note: The crypto parts are set up from the international CTM
deltas. As there is no automatic email delivery of these deltas I have
to get and apply them by hand, so the crypto section may be a day or two
older than compared to other sites.

As a summary here are the details:

	CVSup of FreeBSD source repository
	ftp.uni-trier.de (aka ctm.freebsd.org)
	default CVSup port
Offered Distributions:
	all from "FreeBSD.cvs", "FreeBSD-crypto.cvs" and "distrib.self"
Number of concurrent users allowed:
Repository accessible via anon-ftp:
	Yes, under /pub/unix/systems/BSD/FreeBSD/FreeBSD-current on
	the same site
Other access restrictions:
	Every access is logged for statistical and maintenance reasons.
Maintainer and person to contact:
	Sascha Blank (blank at fox.uni-trier.de)

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