freefall is now a P6/200 with 128MB of memory.

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Tue Apr 22 13:49:13 PDT 1997

Thanks to the generous donations of those listed at:, our venerable P5/90 machine w/64MB memory (which
has served us faithfully for these last 3+ years but was seriously
running out of steam), is now a Pentium Pro/200Mhz (256K cache) system
with 128MB of memory and 12GB of fast disk storage.

We expect that this will significantly enhance our development
environment, making many of the very expensive CVS operations which
brought the old freefall somewhat to its knees significantly less

The old freefall has also been renamed to "" and will
take over all mailing list duties, thus sparing us from having to
fight through that daily load as well.

Thanks again to all those who's contributions made this possible!

Our first 2 machines were provided through the generosity of Walnut
Creek CDROM and now this, our 3rd and most powerful machine, has been
provided directly by the users of FreeBSD.  I think that's an
important milestone!


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