2.2-970422-RELENG on ftp.freebsd.org (and about SNAP CDs..)

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at time.cdrom.com
Tue Apr 22 12:05:49 PDT 1997

As many of you probably already know, a "SNAP" release is built once
per day on the RELENG_2_2 branch (where 2.2.1 came from and from where
future 2.2.x releases will be derived) and put up for anonymous FTP

Since this site isn't always the easiest to get to or mirror, I will
also periodically copy "known good" release snapshots to
ftp.freebsd.org, and that is what I have done today.  This release
contains all of Justin's latest fixes to the Adaptec 2940 driver and
may be a better "installation target" for people creating busy news
servers and the like.  I will also start putting releases from *both*
the 3.0 and 2.2 branches on the Walnut Creek CDROM SNAPshot CDs since
we're now going to a 2-CD set on that product and, well, why not?

This release is also called "2.2-970422-RELENG" rather than the more
traditional "2.2-970422-SNAP" simply to denote the fact that it comes
from releng22.freebsd.org and is merely another release in an ongoing
daily series of releases, not just an occasional event like a true
SNAP would be (and, to answer the next question, the next 3.0 SNAP is
coming very soon - I'm still fighting some build issues which should
be resolved shortly).

Finally, I should note again that since the SNAP CDs are now a 2-CD
set and hence more expensive to produce (not so much the cost of the
extra CD but the special 2-CD case), the retail price Walnut Creek
CDROM will be charging for SNAP CDs *is changing* from $24.95 to
$39.95.  The subscription price of $14.95 will remain unchanged and
makes subscribing to the SNAP an even better deal now since you'll be
getting several SNAPs as well as the full, unpacked CVS tree (on the
2nd CD) where I wasn't able to provide it before due to space

Just FYI!


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