FreeBSD based product announcement..

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh
Sat Sep 21 10:31:37 PDT 1996

From: Julian Elischer <julian at>
Organization: Whistle Communications
Subject: FreeBSD based product announced..

To all my fellow FreeBSD users!

Announcing the whistle "Interjet"!
Hey don't laugh.. the name grows on you! It really describes a 
new class of internet "appliance". We have been very fortunate to
have a base to work off, of the caliber of FreeBSD!

my comments on the "official line" below will be in []
Remember that the original text is aimed at the internet neophite.

==============Official Whistel product description===========
The Whistle InterJet(TM) is an all-in-one, plug-and-play device that
is remarkably easy to set up and use. All you have to do to get
your network of computers connected to the Internet is to plug a
phone line into the back of the InterJet and connect the InterJet
to your Ethernet network. And since it's preconfigured by your
Internet service provider specifically for your business requirements,
you can literally have your local network connected to and
communicating with others in just a few minutes.
   [You only buy it through your ISP.. we give the ISPs
        configuration software]
All the software
needed for each of your PCs to get productive on the Internet is
included and preconfigured for your network. The InterJet has all
kinds of additional features that you can choose to take advantage
of in your business.


With the InterJet installed in your network, you'll have new
electronic mail capabilities, both inside your local network and
out in the worldwide Internet community.

Web Access

The InterJet makes the exciting new world of the Internet available
to everyone on your local network. People can access information
from Web sites all over the world, search for information important
to their specific job function and learn more about the competitive

Your Web Site

You can use your InterJet to simply and easily publish your company
Web site, allowing your employees and customers to have quick-and-easy
access to information about your company, facts about your products
or services, and much more. A company Web site is an excellent way
to keep your existing clients informed and an exciting way to
attract new business. 

Of course, with the InterJet, you'll be able to maintain complete
control over who in your company can access the Internet, as well
as over the level of Internet security your company requires. The
InterJet has its own built-in firewall, meaning you'll have access
to the world, but the world does not have access to your computers.

Easy to Maintain

>From the InterJet administration application, it's remarkably easy
to set up Internet and electronic mail accounts for the people in
your company. All you have to do is type in a name and password
and click on the services you want each user to have. That's it!
You don't have to have any special networking know-how to add or
delete users or manage the InterJet. The InterJet has unique
diagnostic abilities built right in. If anything gets in the way
of the InterJet doing its job, it'll tell you what the problem is
and point you towards how to fix it.

Whistle and FreeBSD

This box is based on FreeBSD-current (presently last week's version)

Whistle is actively feeding changes and fixes back to FreeBSD 
The multi-link PPP daemon from this box is available in as mpd.[some version]

Also Whistle has integrated the netatalk protocol into FreeBSD
-current and made enhancements. It is also arranging that
the netatalk appletalk server software will come out in it's next
revision with FreeBSD-current support "out of the BOX".

We are also working with the Samba folks to make sure that FreeBSD
with SAMBA will have good support.

This box is designed to be a "web-server in your modem"
and looks just like a toaster I think :)

It has a 486DX4 in it and makes about 800MB of shared (via samba,  
netatalk and ftp) of www publishing space available to the users.
it has a 4 port 10baseT hub built in so a small company
can hook it's macs and PCs straight in..

as I said:
see for more details..

Sorry no telnet interface.. no shell.. this is an embedded system.

In particular see the "Employment Opportunities" section..
known FreeBSD hackers have bonus points..

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