addendum on SUP and

David Greenman root at
Wed Nov 6 23:41:10 PST 1996

   It's clear from the amount of hate mail sitting in my mailbox this morning
that I inadvertantly forgot to mention/clarify one important thing in my
announcement about SUP service from being discontinued:


   It does *not* affect the other sup<n> providers of the SUP
service. It *only* pertains to the service being provided from freefall. I
fully expect (and always intended) for the SUP service to be continued on
the SUP "mirrors". I should have made that clear (it was obvious to me,
however :-)) in my announcement. Sorry about that.
   It's been rumored that some of the sup<n> sites don't have
complete collections or are way out of date. If you find this to be the
case, please complain so that the site maintainer(s) know about it and can
fix it.


David Greenman
Core-team/Principal Architect, The FreeBSD Project

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