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David Greenman root at
Wed Nov 6 00:22:11 PST 1996

   Hello everyone. If you're still doing SUP from, please
be aware that it was necessary to significantly cut back the number of
simultaneous SUPers yesterday due to the extremely high load that it was
putting on Walnut Creek's T1 (coupled with some other stuff was making it
almost unusable). In fact it's been shut off completely until just a few
minutes ago. We've been telling people for months to convert to CVSup, and
now we really mean it! We'll continue to provide limited SUP service on (freefall) for at least another week or two, but at some
point the service will be discontinued completely. So please switch to
using CVSup. It has much lighter network load and is quite a bit faster
as well.
   Thanks, and sorry for the short notice, but the load problem had reached
critical and something had to be done immediately.


David Greenman
Core-team/Principal Architect, The FreeBSD Project

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