Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Tue Nov 5 03:27:37 PST 1996

A few people have been experiencing hangs and/or premature EOFs from the
server with CVSup 13.5.  The problem is caused by an incompatible mix of
Modula-3 shared libraries and header files.  I inadvertently made it
possible for this to happen during a brief window when I split the
shared libraries into a separate "modula-3-lib" port.

This problem does not affect people who installed the "cvsup-13.5"
(binary) package.

Here is the scenario under which you might encounter the problems:

    * You already had Modula-3 installed on your system.

    * You built CVSup 13.5 from the port (i.e., from source).

    * Building the CVSup port caused the new "modula-3-lib" port to get
      built and installed, but it did not cause the latest version of
      the "modula-3" port to get built and installed.

Under this scenario, your CVSup port got built with a new set of shared
libraries, but an old set of header files.  Here is another indication
that you are probably affected by this problem:

    * The file "/usr/local/lib/m3/FreeBSD/" exists on your

    * The file "/usr/local/bin/m3build-4" does _not_ exist on your

If you think you've been hit by this problem, you can fix it like this:

     * pkg_delete your "cvsup", "modula-3", and "modula-3-lib" packages
       (use "pkg_info -ac" to see which versions are installed).

     * Make sure these three ports are up to date in your ports tree.

     * Rebuild and install the "cvsup" port.  (It will cause the other
       two ports to be rebuilt and installed too.)

I apologize for causing this problem.  I have fixed the ports so
that it shouldn't happen any more.  The time window during which
the ports were wrong was from 10/29/96 23:14 GMT until 11/1/96 20:27 GMT.

Thanks to Satoshi Asami for first noticing the problem, and to James
FitzGibbon for helping me confirm the cause of it.

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