FreeBSD branch changes.

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh at
Tue Nov 5 20:26:11 PST 1996

> [Paul T. Root writes]
> Any word on what Walnut Creek is going to do? Just 2.2 or both. And if
> both, what about subscriptions. I don't think I need both sets of
> CD's. Do I?

That was a question we wrestled with, my wanting to make both CD
releases full 2-CD sets.  The alternative would have been to do one as
a release and one as a SNAP, but then 2.2R would have been shipped on
only one CD and been somewhat less functional as a result, and I
didn't like that.

Our final compromise was that we would do both as release CDs, with
those customers who feel they got one or the other in error being
encouraged to contact us for a credit towards a free copy of the
release to follow, no questions asked.  Either way, it should work


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