The Daemon Plushies again

Joerg Wunsch joerg
Wed Jun 19 23:58:56 PDT 1996

Hi all,

many people are asking me for pictures of the plushie.

Sorry to say, by now (until the first batch has been produced, which
will only by the time when the first at leat 50 orders arrived at
Ingo) only a single sample does exist, and this one is sitting
somewhere on a desk at Walnut Creek.  So Jordan promised to get
some pictures, and publish them somewhere at  When
you see them, please keep in mind that this was the final sample,
a few minor nits came up and will be resolved in the final version.

Walnut Creek is _not_ going to handle bulk orders theirselves.  As i
wrote, there's not much gain to make out of them (they are really that
expensive in production!), thus yet another oranization handling them
was deemed to cost more than shipping them directly from Europe.  Of
course, if somebody volunteers to negotiate a bulk order with Ingo
for no extra charge, he is free to do this.

Lastly, please do _not_ ask _me_ anything regarding orders, prices,
shipping etc.  I don't have them, i don't do it.  It's all up to Ingo
Liebscher, as i wrote in the announcement.  Contact him at
LiebscherCo at for all question regarding the actual deal.

	thank you,

p.s.:  Please do understand that i won't answer each single question
about the availability of pictures -- it wouldn't be any more inform-
ation than the above.

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