BSD daemon Plushies

Jonathan M. Bresler jmb
Wed Jun 19 18:08:40 PDT 1996

Hi everybody!

Well, now, after several struggles, delays, price ``corrections''
etc., i'm now happy to announce you the availability of the Daemon
Plushies.  The lovely little BSD daemon is available as a stuffed

As always :), it costs more than what we initially hoped.  Despite of
keeping the sales margin for all parties fairly low (after all, we
started the project since we were interested in the stuffed daemon,
not to make money as the first goal), it's still fairly pricey since
it's an all hand-made devil that comes to you.  The benefit is that
everybody who saw him by now loved him from the first minute, and
nobody had any doubt that this must be The BSD Daemon.

Ok, i'm only a small part of the game, the actual shipping and
organization is in the hands of a small German company, Liebscher &
Partner.  They've got a (very short) Web reference under

for those who are interested.  I'm sending all the info below on
behalf of Ingo Liebscher.  He can be reached:

	email:  LiebscherCo at
	phone:	+49-3731-781 386
	fax:	+49-3731-781 387

He's prepared to take orders via email, but please be gentle: his
English knowledge is not quite as well as mine. ;-)

The price, including shipping & handling, will be:

	Germany		DEM 56,-	~ 3 weeks
	other Europe	DEM 63,-
	overseas	USD 50,-	cheapest mail, ~ 5 weeks
			  + USD 30,-	air mail

Please negotiate bulk orders before; in particular for overseas
orders, they might become cheaper.

Liebscher & Partner is accepting the following credit cards:

	- VISA Card
	- Diners Club
	- Euro Card
	- Master Card

In addition, Euroschecks are accepted up to DEM 400 total.  The gain
is already fairly low, so only prepaid orders are acceptable.  (Of
course, cash is also acceptable. :)

For credit card orders, the following must be sent to him:

	first name,
	last name,
	card number,
	validity (starts / expires)

J"org Wunsch					       Unix support engineer
joerg_wunsch at

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