CYB driver for Cyclades cards

Brian Litzinger brian at
Mon Oct 16 14:31:29 PDT 1995

Sorry about the cross posting, but I wanted this message to get into
the mail archives under both mailing lists.

Many people are querying me for info on my CYB driver for the
Cyclades Multiport Serial cards.

This driver replaces or can be used along side of the CY driver
included with FreeBSD.

It is a production quality driver, that has been in use for over
a year by many people including several ISPs.  It is also approved
for use by Cyclades.

For more information on CYB and the driver source please refer to:

You can also get info there on my:

   Talisman MPEG decoder card driver
   DVI Watchdog Reset board driver

Brian Litzinger
brian at

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