3Com 3c590 Ethernet driver for FreeBSD

Frederick Earl Gray fgray at owlnet.rice.edu
Thu Oct 12 20:08:57 PDT 1995

--- 3Com 3c590 Ethernet driver for FreeBSD ---

I have written a driver for the 3Com 3c590 PCI-based Ethernet adapter. It is
based heavily on the existing EtherLink III driver (if_ep.c) by Herb Peyerl,
Andres Vega Garcia, Serge Babkin, et al. 

This driver should be suitable as a basis for supporting the Fast EtherLink
100Mbps cards; the transciever detection logic needs to be extended to include
the new transceivers. 

This driver does not take advantage of the bus-mastering features of the card.
I will likely not have time in the near future to remedy the situation. 

As usual, this software is supplied with no warranties. My modifications to
the code are in the public domain; I request but do not require that you leave
my name in the files. 

To use this driver, you need to have the kernel source code available. You need
to download the files if_vx.c and if_vxreg.h into your /usr/src/sys/pci
directory, add the line

pci/if_vx.c             optional vx  device-driver

somewhere in the file /usr/src/sys/conf/files, add the line 

device vx0 at pci0 port? irq? vector vxintr

to your kernel configuration file, and rebuild your kernel. 

These files may be obtained from my Web page at


I welcome your comments and suggestions. 

By the way, I have added a GlobalReset command to the attach sequence for the
driver, which should fix the main bug reported for the if_ep.c driver.

-- Fred Gray
-- fgray at owlnet.rice.edu

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