Matrox Meteor Capture Card Driver Announcement

Mark Tinguely tinguely at
Mon Aug 21 08:08:32 PDT 1995

	Announcing the Matrox Meteor Video Capture Driver.

 The Meteor is a reasonably priced capture card for PCI (*see warning below)
 bus computers. The Meteor is sold directly from Matrox** at:

   Canada and USA
	514-685-2630 or 1-800-361-4903 (voice)
	514-685-2853 (fax)
	0793.614.002 (voice)
	0793.614.336 (fax)
   Asia Pacific
	852.877.5387 (voice)
	852.556.9104 (fax)
	(1) 45 60 62 00 (voice)
	(1) 45 60 62 05	(fax)

 ** this information is provided for your general information.
    we in no way represent the interest of Matrox.

 The Meteor driver delivers video frames in YUV packed, YUV planer, 16 bit RGB,
 and 24 bit RGB format.

 The Meteor driver provides a traditional read(2) interface as well as
 memory mapped access to data for single frame capture, continuous capture,
 and synchronous ring buffer capture modes.

 Using the DB9 interface, the Meteor driver can choose to capture a single
 video signal from up to four video sources.

 The Meteor driver also comes with a document of ioctl, a directory of
 programming examples that create PPM files for each output format, and
 source code and patches to run the nv conferencing program.

 The Meteor driver kit can be found at:
It is also included in FreeBSD 2.2-current.

 Authors: Jim Lowe (james at
	  Mark Tinguely (tinguely at

 * Warning: the Meteor does not work with all PCI chipsets. A MERCURY chipset
   motherboard is almost certain to NOT work with the Meteor. A NEPTUNE chipset
   motherboard with a PCI video card may hang with heavy Meteor use. So it is
   wise to use a "SATURN" or "TRITON" chipset motherboard and also limit the
   number of PCI bus-mastering devices on that bus. We had difficulties getting
   the Meteor capture card to work with systems that also use the NCR PCI SCSI
   boards.  It is also wise to have 16 or more Megabytes of RAM in the computer.
1.0 Aug 21, 1995:
	Initial Release

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