Monthly Reminder: BSD Information Archive on Minnie

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Sun Aug 27 19:59:52 PDT 1995

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Subject: Monthly Reminder: *BSD Information Archive on Minnie
From: wkt at (Warren Toomey)
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Organization: ADFA, Canberra, Australia
Summary: Where to get information about BSD
Keywords: bsd, news, archive, ftp, telnet, WWW [] has a publically available cache of
information on BSD4.x and BSD-related systems, especially the free flavours
of BSD. 

CHANGES -- Minnie is mirroring FreeBSD-2.0.5-ALPHA, and the packages-2.0.
	   The hyperlinked source tree is now _all_ of FreeBSD 2.0.5 /sys.

Web Documents

All of the BSD-related information on minnie can be accessed through the
Web at There are many hotlinks
to the FreeBSD and NetBSD web pages. Minnie has web pages about:

    + BSD-related Usenet news, e.g the end of the UCB/USL litigation.
    + Interactive access to a Usenet News archive on *BSD.
    + A hyperlinked version of the FreeBSD 2.0.5 kernel source code.

------- keeps an archive of the Usenet news on *BSD, taken from
the newsgroups comp.os.386bsd.* and comp.unix.bsd. This archive can be
accessed either via telnet or through the WorldWide Web.

You can do two things:

	+ search through the news subject lines for a particular pattern
	+ retrieve particular articles

To do this by telnet, telnet to and login as `bsdnews'.
To do this through the Web, connect to the Web URL above and follow the
link to the News Web interface page.


Minnie has the following BSD-related stuff available by anonymous ftp:

   + FreeBSD - FreeBSD 2.0.5-ALPHA, and some previous versions.
   + bsdnews - The Usenet news about *BSD, from June 1992 onwards.
   + daemons - Gif images of the BSD Daemons. These are copyright by
	       Marshall Kirk McKusick. 
   + phillip - NFS mount of some other *BSD stuff, which is maintained by
	       Phillip Musumeci here at ADFA. 
   + 4.4BSD-Lite - The entire source tree for 4.4BSD-Lite. 
   + net2    - The kernel source tree for the Net/2 distribution.

Please ftp from a site closer to you, if there is one. Australia has a
single link to the Internet, and it's usually saturated. Thanks!

	Warren Toomey wkt at

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