Demo version of SimCity Classic now available for FreeBSD 2.x.

Jordan K. Hubbard jkh
Sun Apr 23 03:10:57 PDT 1995

The award winning computer game SimCity is an animated simulation
game, providing a set of rules and tools for planning and building a
complex dynamic simulated city.

 The player can zone land use, hook up the power grid, build roads,
bridges, parks and stadiums, raise taxes, and even summon disasters,
causing the city to grow and thrive or crumble and die.

 SimCity features multiple city views and maps with overlays for
graphically displaying your own city or one of the existing cities in
the library included.  With the multi-player version of SimCity
Classic players can simultaneously interact on screen, having to vote
on many of the more critical decisions.

SimCity Classic for FreeBSD is available for $49.95 for the single
player version and $69.95 for the multi-player player version directly
from M&W Consulting, Ltd., (713) 627-9229, FAX (713) 626-7566 or Email
ronniew252 at

You may also download a fully functional free demo of SimCity via FTP
on the internet at ( in the "pub/SimCity"
directory, using the filename "scl_bsd_3.6b.tar.Z", or as the
FreeBSD package "SimCity-3.6b.tgz" from the central FreeBSD commercial
products repository:

Note:  In the interim, while is being upgraded, you may
also get it from the directory:

As both a tarball and a package.

Have fun!

Many thanks to the kind folks at M&W Consulting for bringing the first
commercial game to FreeBSD!  I've already purchased two copies for
myself.. :-)


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