ACC Corp.: SWiM-Motif 2.0 for FreeBSD 2.0

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Sun Apr 23 17:18:16 PDT 1995

I haven't personally tested this product yet, but the last version
(1.2.3) worked just fine for me.  If you need to know where to go
for Motif, these are the right folks!

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The latest edition of the FreeBSD Motif 
from GUI Corporation: 

SWiM 2.0, is now available for FreeBSD 2.0            

With the leading Motif development environment for FreeBSD 2.0, you can make
your FreeBSD workstation fully compatible with Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, or other
commercial Unixes by running SWiM-Motif 2.0 as your window manager and
development environment.

* Port Motif compatible code from commercial Unix machines to your FreeBSD
* Develop Motif compatible code on your FreeBSD workstation, and port it to
commercial Unix workstations.
* Connect your FreeBSD 2.0 workstation to Unix networks as a client to
applications that require OSF/Motif.
* Learn real OSF/Motif programming and development with SWiM 2.0.  The
package comes complete with 170 pages of printed documents and thousands of
additional pages of reference material on the CD.

SWiM is a complete port of the OSF Motif 2.0 window manager to the FreeBSD
2.0 OS.

The OSF packages included on the CD-ROM include:
* mwm (the Window Manager)                 
* Shared Library (eg libXm, LibMrm)
* Static Libraries (libXm, LibMrm & libUil) 
* Header & Include Files
* Source Code for OSF/Motif demos           
* OSF/Motif Users Guide as a bound Manual  and in electronic format.
* Includes multiple binary versions for:
 -X11R6  in a.out  and
 -ELF format

Documentation :
* Users Guide                      
* Widget Guide
* Programmers guide                 
* Style Guide
all in both postscript and ASCII formats.

OSF provided demo programs include:
* Clipboard   - cut & paster between apps      
* hellomotif  - button-press demo
* periodic    - periodic table of Motif Widgets 
* textedit    - text editor
* xmpiano     - music editor example           
* xmsamplers  - lots of Motif demos!
* DragAndDrop - sample Drag & Drop aps 

Technical Support is included and is available direct from the developers of
SWiM as well as from many reputable resellers in your neighbourhood !

List price is $199.00    (resellers welcome :)

Special Internet customers price only:  $149.00 !

* SWiM-Motif 2.0 is also available on Linux. 
(On CD - includes the online reference or usenet materials)

Please Contact :

 USA                            Asia & Europe 
 ---                            -------------
 ACC Corp                       Lasermoon Ltd,     
 25 Sylvan Rd S #F,             The Forge,
 Westport CT 06880              Fareham Road, Wickham, Hants, 
 USA                            PO17 5DE ENGLAND
 Tel : (800) 454-5502           Phone  +44 (0) 329 834944
       (203) 454-5500           Fax    +44 (0) 329 834955
 Fax:  (203) 454-2582 
 Email: info at       info at

WWW for ACC:                           
WWW for Lasermoon:  

 Sunni Micro Lab
 1300 Britannia Rd. East, Suite 208
 Mississauga, Ont. L4W 1C8 Canada
 Phone: 1.905.795.9292  Fax: 1.905.795.9291

Motif is a trademark of the Open Software Foundation.
SWiM is a trademark of GUI Corporation.

ACC Corp., Inc.
"Home of the PC UNIX - Linux Catalog"
(800) 454-5502 or (203) 454-5500  fax: (203) 454-2582
info at  or

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