[Bug 209940] FreeBSD installer for ZFS destroys RAID and fails (and hangs)

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Tue Jun 14 18:52:37 UTC 2016


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I'm well aware that ZFS mirroring is better.
In this case however, I'm more interested in simple full-disk mirroring and
automatic/easy recovery.

(Like in a test lab... Install FreeBSD on a test-machine with a RAID1 (bay0 and
bay1 disks). Pull out the bay1 disk and insert a fresh disk. It will
automatically synchronize. Pull this disk. Update the system on the bay0 disk
for test case #1. Pull it out and insert bay1. Update this system for test case
#2. Perform tests back and forth. Plugin and boot on the first disk (from bay1)
to revert back to the original state, or easily create a test case #3, or
insert it into a another test machine and make it a clone of the first machine.
No need for dd-images, no need for bootable USB-sticks or simillar. Just swap
around the disks in the test machines.)

So when performance, error correction, etc is not important, it would be nice
if the installer could install a ZFS system on a BIOS software RAID1.

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