[Bug 207940] [patch] sys/boot/efi/boot1 select boot partition

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Mon Apr 11 05:16:07 UTC 2016


--- Comment #15 from Naomichi Nonaka <nao at enuenu.org> ---
OK, I found my mistake.

I had written "set boot_disk_unit=0" in /boot/loader.conf. after removing that
line. rev2 boot1 can boot to external drive.

# I wrote that line in very early stage of my testing and forgot that.

for boot drive choise, I found 10.2R boot1.efi boot to external drive. So I
assume Mr. ISIZUKA had installed 10.2R to internal drive, and when upgraded to
10.3R, boot1.efi had not upgraded to 10.3R.

You can check size of boot1.efi. 
 10.2R is about 33K, 10.3R is about 74K, and rev2 is about 82K.

 when both internal drive and external drive have bootable partition.
*10.2R boot1.efi
 -> autoboot to external drive

*10.3R boot1.efi
 -> autoboot to internal drive

*rev2 boot1.efi
 -> show partition list. can boot to either internal or external by keyin
    timeout boot to internal

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