[Bug 207940] [patch] sys/boot/efi/boot1 select boot partition

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Mon Apr 11 04:39:40 UTC 2016


--- Comment #14 from Naomichi Nonaka <nao at enuenu.org> ---
Thank you for quick reply.

> select menu was not displayed.

It means boot1 found only 1 bootable partition. I might think boot1 could not
recognize external drive is "varid" because of lack of EFI partiotion.

Sorry, it may take some time to prepare test environment.

> I can remove win8.1pro and if I can select boot partitions for FreeBSD without setting bootme, I will install 11.0-current to internal drive.

I assume rev2 boot1 can do that. It's (almost) same configuration as my test

I'm very happy if you try. But, unfortunately, there are too many variant and
bugs in UEFI firm, I can't tell if it really work or not. sigh.

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