New builds won't boot (fwd)

Tim Kientzle kientzle at
Sun Jun 7 19:44:07 UTC 2009

Chris Hedley wrote:
> I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for me.  Since around 
> January this year, I've been unable to get new builds to boot on my 
> system:...
> I've just regressed to a version from mid January which boots without 
> any problems,...

The following information would help a lot:
  * dmesg output from a successful boot.
  * Latest checkout date of a kernel that does boot.
  * Earliest checkout date of a kernel that doesn't boot.
  * If it's not a GENERIC kernel, the kernel
configuration.  (Diff against GENERIC is enough.)

SVN revisions are even better than dates if
you have them available.  (Most people
don't; that's okay.)

With this, someone can look through the
changes that were made during that period
and possibly come up with a few likely
culprits.  Obviously, it's better if you
can narrow it down to a shorter interval
(a week is good, a day is better) by
checking out sources from the half-way
point and trying that.


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