How to make Apache (2.2.4) less greedy, or Sendmail less polite?

Gary Palmer gpalmer at
Fri May 4 14:33:31 UTC 2007

On Fri, May 04, 2007 at 12:55:16PM +0200, Olaf Greve wrote:
> Hi again,
> This time a question from the Apache side of this issue:
> >You'll have to correlate this with HTTP requests apache receives -  
> maybe there's a PHP script that's unusually CPU
> >intensive.
> Is there any (easy) way to do this in conjunction with specific PIDs  
> of stressed httpd instances?
> Of course I can take a look at the httpd-access log file, but at  
> present it doesn't log the PIDs (which can perhaps be changed by  
> changing the log format), but is there an easier way to  
> "inspect" (from the prompt) what a specific httpd instance is doing/ 
> serving?

Investigate the Apache server-status handler (assuming its still there in
2.2).  If you also enable the ExtendedStatus output from server-status,
it includes a table that shows the daemon PID, number of accesses for that
PID, current state, CPU usage, time to process the current request, 
client IP, virtual host and the first line of the HTTP request which
shows GET/POST and file.  Assuming thats still the same in Apache 2.2,
that should help you identify whats hammering your server. (I only have
Apache 2.0 to play around with here)

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