Does anyone run VNC with 64-bit FreeBSD (amd64)?

Tarc tarc at
Fri Jun 23 18:22:14 UTC 2006

> > screen?
> > /usr/port/sysutils/screen
> My users need up to 20 instances of a graphical analysis package 
> which has a text-based control window that spawns two graphical 
> windows.  They run a window manager with 24 virtual desktops, 
> each running an instance of this program. As much as I love 
> screen (I use it constantly for sysadmin-type work and I have 
> mutt running constantly on one of my "screen"s), it doesn't quite 
> fulfill our needs for this task.
What about xorg-dmx? It seems. it's provide what you need :)

Does it test someone?
   Best regards,
   	Arseny Nasokin

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