Does anyone run VNC with 64-bit FreeBSD (amd64)?

Greg Lane greg.lane at
Thu Jun 22 23:29:09 UTC 2006

On Thu, Jun 22, 2006 at 03:06:46PM -0700, pete wright <nomadlogic at> wrote:
> Did you try to build/install a 32bit version of VNC?  

Thanks for the suggestion.

I thought about doing that, but there is still other essential 
software that is not 64-bit clean and our entire group needs this 
machine back up ASAP since currently we are sitting on our hands 
doing nothing till I get it back up.  If I had a spare machine 
I could potentially spend some time getting this sorted. But 
we don't have a spare machine, we don't have any money to buy 
one, there is only me to fix it, and I have to get some real 
work done.... the usual story.

> Also, if you are
> running a Unix like OS why use VNC?  You can achive %90 of the same
> features (with less of a memory/cpu impact) by running X apps
> remotely.

What about the other 10%?  We use VNC because it saves state 
for those of my users who work from multiple locations, at home, 
at work and some are even based overseas. They don't want to 
restart up to 20 windows every time they logon. Remote access 
in this form is essential for their productivity. 


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