SMP system not running SMP

Pete French petefrench at
Fri Jun 23 12:01:13 UTC 2006

> I do have confirmation:  If I remove ahd from an SMP kernel, and boot with
> ACPI, I get SMP.  So, the SMP problem is caused by disabling ACPI, but I can't
> enable ACPI because it causes the machine to hang at boot.

O.K., thats a useful datapoint. I will try ripping out all my SCSI
over the weekend and see if I can also get a working SMP system that

> BIOS, I assume that's theoretically possible.  The other is to figure out
> why the machine hangs during waiting for devices to settle with ACPI enabled.

That's the preferred path I think - I'd also like to see if this is SCSI
in general or just Adaptec SCSI. As I also have a ciss caard in my
machine I will try it both ways.

> I'm not sure which list fits this best; there's not really a good list for
> "anything happening on an Opteron whether or not it's in amd64 mode".

I have been thinking about this - it's probably not the Opteron per-se, bbut
the chipset used to support it. What chipset is used on your motherboard ?


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