Can not install FreeBSD 6.1 on a RAID1 SATA array (Dell power edge S420)

Vivek Khera vivek at
Mon Jun 12 14:45:22 UTC 2006

On Jun 11, 2006, at 2:31 PM, Xi Liu wrote:

> the aac driver does support "Dell CERC SATA RAID 2".
> Does anyone have successful experience to share?

% grep aac /var/run/dmesg.boot
aac0: <Dell CERC SATA RAID 2> mem 0xf8000000-0xfbffffff irq 32 at  
device 1.0 on pci2
aac0: [FAST]
aac0: Adaptec Raid Controller 2.0.0-1
aacd0: <RAID 5> on aac0
aacd0: 228782MB (468546816 sectors)
Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/aacd0s2a

This is a Dell PE800 server.  All my Dell PE "SC" level boxes use  
software raid with gmirror.

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