Can not install FreeBSD 6.1 on a RAID1 SATA array (Dell power edge S420)

Roland Smith rsmith at
Sun Jun 11 18:53:44 UTC 2006

On Sun, Jun 11, 2006 at 11:31:10AM -0700, Xi Liu wrote:
> I have a Dell PowerEdge SC420 with the CERC
> SATA 2S RAID.  When the server boots, the Adaptec
> utility tells me that I have one array configured, a
> RAID 1 with 2 drives.  However, when I launch the 6.1
> installer and go to Allocate Disk Space options, it
> sees two drives rather than the single RAID array. 
> The two drives it sees are ad4 and ad6.
> According to FreeBSD 6.1 harware notes (see below):
> the aac driver does support "Dell CERC SATA RAID 2".
> Does anyone have successful experience to share? 

Check the firmware version of the RAID hardware. From aac(4):

      This driver is not compatible with Dell controllers that have version
      1.x firmware.  The firmware version is the same as the kernel
      version printed in the BIOS POST and driver attach messages.

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