dual vs single core opteron 100's

lars.tunkrans at bredband.net lars.tunkrans at bredband.net
Fri Jan 27 14:03:13 PST 2006

> From: Ken Gunderson <kgunders at teamcool.net>

> > Besides the different CPUID, Athlon64 X2 (with 2x1MB Cache) and Dual-Core 
> > Opteron 1xx are exactly the same.

> Are you sure about this?  For example, Opteron 1xx use ECC RAM but I'm
> not sure if the Athlons do.

  Correct,  Opteron  uses socket 940  to be able to use registred
  ECC Ram. Whilst  modern  Athlon 64  uses socket 939 to cut 
   the cost of the motherboard components and to use unregistred 
   non-ECC RAM.

   Its actually becomming difficult now to find new Consumer PC's with 
   Intel P4 CPUS. So I Guess that the Socket 939 is paying off 
   nicely  for AMD.

  The other difference is that  Athlon 64 can be overclocked.
  You dont want to live on the edge in a server , you want it to 
  be reliable.  So Opterons have fixed frequency.


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