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> On Sun, Jan 22, 2006 at 03:06:11AM +0100, pfgshield-freebsd at wrote:
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> > I wonder if anyone builds gcc without the port:
> I build gcc 10 to 20 times a week.  This includes
> both the 4.1 branch and trunk.  Configure automatically
> picks up the architecture.

Hmm...I extracted the gcc40 port here and it didn't finish the build without
changing the arch to x86_64. Still it was very strange to find the same lines
on all the gcc4x ports.

> > I was building a preliminary g95 port.
> Have you tried gfortran?  It is a part of GCC.  I use 4.1
> (pre-release) gfortran everyday.  I routinely build and
> test gfortran from gcc trunk.
Yes. I'm in the process of porting Elmer:
Last week the Elmer developers were recommending g95 and even mentioned that
gfortran40 (which is the one of the ports tree) was not building Elmer. This
week they had problems with g95 and now they are recommending gfortran.

I tried gfortran41 and I'm having some issues with a module but it's not
gfortran's fault: while they fix the issue I though I should try to build g95
on amd64 JIC.




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