asus a8n-vm csm question...

Jacob Frelinger jolly at
Fri Jan 20 14:43:55 PST 2006

I'm looking into any hint on getting the amd64 version of freebsd
working on a asus a8n-vm csm.  I've seen Adriaan de Groot's posts of
how to get the i386 version working, but i haven't found anything
about how to get the amd64 build to work.  the 6.0 install cd hangs
right after displaying "Timecounters tick every 1.000 msec".  
would current have better luck then 6.0?

please cc me on replies as i'm not currently subscribed to this
list.  TIA.

Jacob "I'm Brainy For Zombie Pops" Frelinger 
Jolly at TheCoffinClub dot Com 

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